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  IMPORTANT NOTE FOR MALE SINGERS: In order to align with original sheet music and songs for female singers, the range of all songs for male singers are expressed one octave above normal. So if your range is between G2 and F4, you should input G3 and F5 in the search below. If not clear, ask your vocal coach for help.


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Recently added songs:

 Selena Gomez - Boyfriend  Range: G#3-E5  D Major

 Conan Gray - Heather  Range: C4-C6  F Major

 Leon Bridges feat. John Mayer - Inside Friend  Range: Bb3-F5  Db Major

 Arizona Zervas - Roxanne  Range: E4-E5  A Major

 Justin Bieber feat. Quavo - Intentions  Range: E4-C#6  A Major

 Lady Gaga - Stupid Love  Range: Ab3-F5  Bb Major

 The Weeknd - In Your Eyes  Range: F4-Bb5  G Minor

 Billie Eilish - No Time To Die  Range: E3-D5  E Minor

 Trevor Daniel - Falling  Range: Bb4-Eb6  Bb Minor

 Freya Ridings - Castles  Range: B3-B4  E Major

 Camila Cabello feat. Dababy - My Oh My  Range: G3-F5  C Minor

 Sam Smith - To Die For  Range: G4-A5  C Major

 Maroon 5 - Memories  Range: D#4-G#5  B Major

 Jonas Brothers - What a Man Gotta Do  Range: E4-E6  E Major

 Doja Cat - Say So  Range: F#3-D5  D Major

 Alicia Keys - Underdog  Range: Eb3-G5  C Minor

 Sia - Unstoppable  Range: F#3-B4  F# Minor

 Post Malone - Circles  Range: C4-G5  C Major

 Billie Eilish - Everything I Wanted  Range: E3-B4  A Major

 Celeste - Stop This Flame  Range: G3-C5  A Minor

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